Sentean offers a complete solution for healthcare providers and patients alike. The platform offers a menu that makes the various products and services in the field of healthcare, personal service and e-commerce accessible to the user.

Mobile Solutions

Our applications are location and device independent and use the latest techniques and frameworks. Sentean is applicable to all thinkable devices with a wide variety of operating systems, such as iOS and Android, and it is compatible with BYOD.


Sentean software is safer than its competitors through its ActiveSecure technology; a self-securing framework that adds additional layers whenever this is absolutely necessary, while retaining its ease of use.

Sentean is the future..

These days it is important that the patient is in control. There are no more fixed moments for eating or watching tv. The patient decides when the nurse comes to take his/her temperature or to administer medicine or what the temperature or lighting is in the room. Sentean offers the following services:

TV, Radio & Internet

Ordering & planning meals

Ordering & planning drinks

Service requests

Treatment information & EHR

Surveys and discharge evaluation

All-in-one application

During the “patient journey” the healthcare consumer encounters a great many challenges that healthcare providers cannot overcome with “stand alone” solutions. Throughout the patient journey there is a need for a uniform solution when it comes to ordering, booking and using the various relevant services. Sentean provides an interface for many existing – stand-alone – services and makes the process insightful, accessible, relevant and concrete throughout the “patient journey”.

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Both Intra and extramural

Sentean contributes to the quality and content of both intra and extramural communication between the healthcare professional and the healthcare consumer. We custom-develop these innovations for your healthcare-environment together with our partners.

Calls & Video calls

Rehabilitation information

Ordering meals at home

Measuring pain scores

Ordering medicine

Treatment agenda


unique patients, clients and healthcare providers annually use software by Sentean.


patients in a hospital annually use our applications on average.


Sentean has over 15 years of experience in specialised solutions for the cure and care market.

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