Patientline offers in-room infotainment services via TV, Tablet and Touch PCs to healthcare institutions and their patients. In addition, Patientline is an exclusive partner of Sentean software in the Netherlands.
Besides offering entertainment services such as TV, internet and VOD, Patientline can improve information provision on healthcare departments by showing department-specific information and/or instruction videos on TV, Tablet and touch-PCs We employ a user-friendly user interface to achieve this.

Integration Partner


Development Partner


Score Media

Score Media BV has been developing applications for both major players and smaller clients, both for the international and the home market, for over nine years. Driven by innovation, Score Media BV has been supplying over 250 clients with its innovative software, apps and websites. Also, in the healthcare sector Score Media is a leading supplier of software applications for hospitals, rehabilitation centres and NPHIs.

Jamf Device Management

JAMF offers management solutions for the Apple devices in your organisation. There are various options via this MDM: one-on-one, as part of the hospital or within your Bring Your Own Device-programme.
JAMF Pro is a complete Apple-management solution that will be integrated in the infrastructure on-premise in environments with over 50 devices.



Culicart Hospitality

Good nutrition, patients/clients who get their meals in time and custom diets: this is of vital importance in the healthcare sector. Often in the most literal sense. CuliCart Hospitality ensures optimal food logistics. It is a solution that supports any food concept in the healthcare sector, from room service, to call centre, to meals on wheels, bread buffet trolleys and (visitors’) restaurants to extramural catering.

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