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All-in-one-app puts hospital patients in control


New Sentean makes healthcare more efficient and improves service in hospitals


ZALTBOMMEL – From now on patients in hospitals can organise everything themselves using Sentean’s all-in-one app. From ordering meals to viewing medical records, from the room’s lighting and temperature to calling a nurse. This way they gain control over their stay in the hospital. A few of the major Dutch hospitals will start using the app from this year on.


Sentean enables patients to decide for themselves what and when they want to eat. Volunteers no longer have to ask them personally. The orders will be communicated to the catering service via the app.


Via a secure link with their electronic health record they have the opportunity to view their own medical record after the doctor has visited them, or to discuss this information with the doctor. The app also shows relevant information and videos about their condition. Because these days patents leave the hospital after an average stay of only 2.5 days, they can also use this app at home and have a video call with a doctor at a previously determined time. A built-in camera even allows the doctor to examine the patient.


In the hospital, patients can make video calls with family. They can order products from the hospital shop or other services from their beds, regulate the room’s temperature or operate the lighting, TV, radio or curtains. They can also fill in surveys and rate the hospital’s facilities and service. Once the number of hospitals using the app increases, a ranking will appear, which will urge these healthcare facilities to improve their services or facilities.


Score Media currently is active for Sentean at the Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST), here the app is made available for the patients through 700 iPads and fully integrated with the EHR and the caterer’s system. Patientline supplies the software to two major Dutch hospitals that will start working with Sentean from this year on. Over the course of the year a third hospital will follow. By using the app, hospitals can improve their efficiency and their services.


“Sentean ensures that every request ends up with the right person. This means the nurse does not have to come by to ask if somebody experiences pain or wants to have a cup of coffee when patients push the familiar button,” says Director Willem-Jan te Riele from Patientline. “It is also important that patients are in control themselves. There are no more fixed times for the meals or for watching tv and the patients decide for themselves when the nurse comes to take their temperature, administer medicines or how warm or illuminated the room is.”


De Sentean app may be used via the patient’s tablet or smartphone, but Patientline would rather see that hospitals lend the patients iPads for free. This is mainly for reasons of confidentiality and the stringent hygiene protocols. Patientline can take care of the facilitation of these devices to the user.


Originally Patientline is a supplier of TV and internet services to patients and clients of healthcare institutions. This market is on a decline and therefore the company has decided to switch to providing services. Te Riele: “The hospitality industry already uses this kind of apps. The traditional hospital is also slowly converting into a care-hotel. At Sentean we basically bring together the existing possibilities in one single app, which becomes kind of a “bed buddy” for the patient.



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